The next fast+Dirty is October 17-26 at plan B’s unique base ‘The Shed’, north of Inverness. 













fast+Dirty is a multidisciplanary workshop/residency developed by Ian Spink in 1983. Since then he has delivered over 20 workshops with professional and emerging artists from across the world. Although each of the workshop is unique, the basic premise remains the same: to create an environment to inspire and challenges artists to create new work.  Via a set of creative tasks, the emphasis is on pushing/exceeding aesthetic boundaries, questioning typical or worn-out methodologies, and in general, finding solutions to creative impasses. Although the workshop is conducted under a playful and sensitive tone, there is a fairly strong critical dimension to it, with discussion and reflectionafter each 'sharing'; otherwise, the focus is on creating, questioning/critiquing, and then more creating. Artists work individually as well as collaboratively, sharing perspectives, techniques, and methodologies etc. Typically there is some sort of sharing at the end open to invited guests and occasionally the public.

For more information or to book a workshop email here.