Ian Spink:

"The work is fascinating and an interesting addition to the company's eclectic repetoire." - Ballet Magazine for Petrushka, 2009 Edinburgh Playhouse

Bill Thompson:

"This work of stunning beauty presents itself more like a masterwork of compositional restraint and focused exploration of timbre than the enhanced field recording it is. Thompson's prepared mind allowed him to capture one of the most moving pieces of sound you are likely to experience this year. It must be heard to be believed…" - Josh Russell, for McAlpine Construction

"No stranger to the pages of Furthernoise, Bill has been composing and performing as a sound artist for over ten years and Of Memory and Dreams demonstrates him honing his sound to completeness. While certain northern European noise influences are perceptible, Bill Thompson retains an indisputable originality in his sound that will enthuse many interested in this genre." - by Roger Mills

with Ian Spink, ANa

"Composer Bill Thompson had created an electronic soundscape score which he performed live from a sound desk in the space. He was also accompanied by Leon Michiner who played an upturned upright piano. The music was integral to creating an atmosphere and landscape to the work. Thompson’s score enhanced moments of loneliness with long slow noises accompanying text, and at other times was frantic and urgent – using simple musical samples and interference from electronic equipment. The piano was played by directly hitting the hammers. Leon was able to get a great range from the instrument this way.

...Thompson was positioned in a corner of the space throughout the work along with all of his equipment. His artistry became a part of the work and from his vantage point he was able to interact with the work.

...All in all I felt that Bill Thompson’s music was pivotal to the work and, whilst not melodic or tuneful, was able to set the foundations of the work, creating a hypnotic sense of landscape, time, confusion, and drama. -James MacGillivray, Creative Scotland

with EXAUDI:

"...another stunning evening at snape maltings - EXAUDI working with Bill Thompson explored John Cage’s Song Books..." Les Bicknell

with GATES:

"...fluent and imaginative, sustained electronic drones and whines weaving among dramatic instrumental clusters." - The Wire

"...these six improvisers are great musicians who are able to produce some cohesive music in their explorations of pure sound." - Vital Weekly

with Brent Fariss:

"Time plays a secondary role as the mind is fooled by so many elements happening within each piece all at once. Elements of white noise, prepared guitars, laptops, synths and knob tweakings are evident. All of these are pure sounds of finding your own way through field of experimental sound. Bravo!" - Tom Sekowski

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